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Welcome to James Wealthy Systems

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About James
A naturally gifted, self-instructed barber/stylist who began cutting hair at age 15, he spent most of his time cultivating his art, perfecting his techniques and mastering trends. By the young age of 19, he had a burgeoning clientele. He then enrolled in the Pivot Point International Academy founded by global icon Leon Passage and completed his undergraduate training in 1992. Shortly thereafter he opened his first concept salon named Signs and Wonders in Bloomington, IL. Tailored suits, polished shoes, and humble, yet charismatic personality easily identify him. He is JAMES WEALTHY and he is truly redefining the beauty industry.   more...

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With incentives, rewards and promotions on Wealthy services, The Client Charter is a constitution for looking great, feeling fabulous all of the time. Take up our offers for a New Year, New Look, New You! We’re now sharing WEALTHY product with a select network of professionals who wish to partner with us as WEALTHY Ambassador salons and day spas. Benefits include growth, education & inspiration and more... More info here. Techniques from our groundbreaking educational dvds now available to stream to your computer, iphone, ipad or ipod touch. subscribe and take our whole gamut of education to wherever you go.  

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